Welcome in my virtual studio.

My name is Michal Gregory Wozniak.

I graduated the Faculty of Arts on University Marie Curie Sklodowska in Lublin. Trying to implement various aspects of artistic activity for over 15 years I am dealing of graphics, advertising, architectural visualizations, photography. During this time, I adapted the profile of activity into the changing market needs.

Combining artistic and professional experience working as a freelance graphic designer for design offices, architects, artists, advertising agencies, companies with a broad spectrum of activity. I am working so that, to what I do would have an artistic expression. I deal with photography as well. I am member of the Photographic Society of Lublin, an association existing since 1936. I have had several exhibitions, both collective and individual.

Collaboration with me is a guarantee of individual and professional approach to the project. I care about creating an good works, but also full customer satisfaction. Proposing competence and professionalism, coupled with available prices.

I create projects which respond to different needs, ranging from illustration, web design and logos, to advanced visualization, 3D models and animations. Photographing the surrounding reality and situations, taking from the Masters of Photography (members of the LTF, ZPAF).

Cordially invited you to cooperate.


– 3d skills since the 1990’s of the 20th century

– over 200 finished projects

– over 9000 hours in 3d modelling

– attention to the details and photorealism

– directional education (University of Arts)

– knowledge of:

2d graphics, 3d graphics, texturing, lighting, photomontage, animation, dtp, graphic designs, advertising, photography